Wraiths EP 2012

by Wraiths

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Wraiths EP

1. Pyramid Head 02:52
2. Church Burner 03:32
3. Hell Ride 04:15
4. Black Vultures 04:22
5. Monolith 07:27

Rae Robinson - Vocals
Daniel Charlton - Guitars/Keys
Dale Husband - Bass Guitar
Richard Baker - Drums

With a crushing heaviness that feels more like a personal act of God going off in your face when you press play than merely listening to a record, it's an understatement to say that Wraiths bring the mosh. Hailing from the North East of the UK, Wraiths have committed five tracks of downbeat, downtempo and downtuned pit-bait to tape, a 20 minute pummelling of truly mammoth proportion. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Richard Doney at Landscape Studios, Cleveland, this EP is a primal force of nature, mixing up the fast with the slow and the slower still, each palm mute hitting like a hammer, every self-loathing scream clawing at your soul. And when the mosh drops 20 seconds in to opening track 'Pyramid Head', you'll not resist the urge to regress, tear off your shirt and pound the ground.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Richard Doney at Landscape Studios, Cleveland. Artwork & layout by Ben Aucott. Limited to 50 copies on cassette, and pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp




released May 29, 2013



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Pyramid Head
Oh mother mercy i'm ready.

Crawling through the ashes, with this demon following me. I've heard the siren calling, praying for the dark to set me free.

I've lost all respect for the human race, it turns it's back on me every fucking day, i'm not happy here i want to fucking die, so sick of wasting my time.

As i look at this place i once called home, i find i don't want to breath anymore, horrific fingers, tearing my skin, down to the core i'm made of fucking sin.

I hate this fucking world, i just want to see it burn.

I'll make this town your fucking tomb.

I'll make this town your fucking tomb, i'll send you to your fucking doom.
Track Name: Church Burner
Father, where were you? Where were you when i needed you?!
You expect my faith but i get nothing back. Just left alone in the fucking black.

Devil. Devil, follow me.
Take me places i've never seen.
Devil. Devil, take me, i hate it here i just want to leave.

Hell is my home, i can't wait to arrive.

I am the fucking demon, stood at the edge of your bed, if you think you're just asleep, just wait til you're fucking dead. Give my eyes, to a blind man, see if he can prove me wrong, i can't go on living in a world i don't belong.
Track Name: Hell Ride
From the blackest depths of Hell, i offer no fucking help, for mistakes you can't undo. I'll never rest until i've fucking killed you.

This is what i was fucking made for, born to hate everyone, i'll never rest i'll never sleep until i've taken your fucking life.

Yeah. HAHAH!

I am evil through and through from the inside out, child of the devil, member of the order.

Burn the cross.
Join the Order.

One for sorrow, two for joy, i lost my faith when i was just a boy.

We're on the ride to Hell. Fuck.
Track Name: Black Vultures
I can never forgive you, for what you did to me. You left me a broken man, a fucking shadow of what i used to be. Your face, haunts me in my sleep, it plagues my every dream, yet i can't spend another night, without wishing you were next to me.

And i spent every fucking day, visualising your fucking face.


Dead in the water is how you lie,
A lifeless slut thrown into the fire,
i gave you everything but you weren't true
and now the birds are coming for you.

And this passage i read for you:

summon darkness and the truth

''Hands of time, witches bane, four kings i call you to me, slowly walk, take my hand, feel my pain, please understand.''

Four kings i call you to me, summon forth these birds to feast.

I don't think I'll ever see another sunrise, but i know i tried, i don't think I'll live to see the day, but please baby let them take me away.

Track Name: Monolith
All alone in this emptiness, in these dire times, i fail to see, why we exist. I can't go on, living like this.

I got a demon and it dwells inside of me, hate to admit it but it's gona be the end of me, the problem being it knows too much about my soul i am condemned, until the end of days. No escape. No more pain. This is the end of days.

I have found another means of life.
I have found the perfect way to die.

I renounce god. In the name of Hell.

I renounce god.

This is no reality, that i want to see, this world we've built for ourselves, is crashing down around me, in this desolate place we once called home, we hold no love but for ourselves.

We've put such faith in angels and pray the devils don't come tonight.