Guidance & Hallucinations

by Reparation

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1. Detain 02:56
2. Mea Vulnera 02:34
3. Nirvana Samsara 02:26

4. Split Realities 03:11
5 .Smoked Generations 02:33
6. The Excuse 04:08

Hailing from the West Midlands, birthplace of the riff and all things heavy, Reparation unleash 6 tracks of crushing and nihilistic down-tempo hardcore. This EP melds tar-like Crowbar riffs with a visceral hardcore flourish, that will leave you feeling like you've been hit by a steamroller. For fans of Desolated, Last Witness and Brutality Will Prevail.

Bringing together the Guidance EP and last year's Hallucinations EP, both recorded by Owen Davies at Loud Noises Studio, with art by Tom Mack, this 6-track EP is limited to 50 cassettes (25 white / 25 black) and comes with a download code. It will also be available through Spotify, iTunes and Amazon


released September 29, 2012

Tim Bradbury - Drums
Daniel Morris - Guitar
Chris Lloyd - Bass
Josh Ball - Guitar
Reece Moulton - Throat
Tom Mack - Visuals



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Track Name: Detain
All my life i've seen things differently.Thought
I was insane but now i can see. It was always
you it was never me. You've been talking so
much shit my ears bleed. Tried to show you
the way but could never get through. Tried to
open up your mind. Show you truth
Cause there's a million other people out there
just like me.Not deceived by the lies and the
tyranny. But despotism is an evil entity
and it walks the streets and consumes us all
Like a fucking disease it's in the air we breath
And it's getting harder every day.The more I
look the more evil i see.Frustrating me
completely cause no one will change their
fucking ways. Why won't you change your
ways? So why should I live by your rules?
With the devil's hand, crushing my throat
Stick tight.Overthrow.Frontline.
Track Name: Mea Vulnera
Time is slipping away.Doors are getting closed
I'm running out of options and i'm feeling alone
Things are falling apart.Friends no longer so close
I've been left out in the dark and i'm feeling so cold
Lab rat. Futile. I've been placed in this maze
Dead ends. More fucking walls.Left to rot in this
hell, A familiar place. I've been burning since the
day i was born. It's live to work not work to live
I've had enough of restraints. Don't know how much
more I can give. Become a part of me. I've lost
control. Sucking the life from me.I feel so cold
Blind leading the blind, the strong crushing the weak
it's dog eat dog in this world and it's looking so bleak
Looking so bleak. Can't see the light of day
Nothing's getting better things will only get worse
They don't want more for you they just want more
for themselves. And once you're in the system you
can never escape. I will never be happy
Living in a world I hate
Track Name: Nirvana Samsara
We are all slaves. Sold my soul for the minimum
wage.Caged in these four walls, there's nowhere
left to hide. Losing my mind walking over thin ice
Playing their games is the only way to survive
Survive. An eternity looking through a pane of
glass. Frustrations taking over.Warped faces
in my mind. I'm losing my integrity
I've sold my soul. Now I'm fucking trapped
Track Name: Split Realities
I can't take this life anymore

When you look at this its all worthless
Save your pride there's no going back
I've had it up to my neck
Hollow shell when sanity cracks
My sanity has cracked
Just fucking take me back
Another time or place
Just take me anywhere
But i can't live like that
No i can't live like that

Lost in this forest of memories
No hand to guide me through
Trapped in these dual realities
No one to pull me out

Lost in this forest of memories
No hand to guide me through
Trapped in these dual realities
No one can save me now

Lights, sounds and colours
The stimulus is in the trap
Altered mind destroying my life
Once you've seen there's no going back

Should we bare witness to these heights I cant take the fall
Track Name: Smoked Generations
Where is your god

Born to a lost generation
Blinded by lies and deceit
There's no escaping for those
who refuse to feed

Vulchers prey on weakness
Man exists to destroy itself
Power illusion blocks our freedom
Embedded in societies deepest roots

Death is the only exit
The key to the door is held in fear

Surpress your inhibitions, break the chains the hold us to the earth
Surpress your inhibitions , break the shackles that tie us to our birth

Break the chains that hold us too the earth
Track Name: The Excuse
Why worry about faith

Why worry about tommorow when we hold such perfect volume today
Always looking for another excuse to explain imperfections away
The answers you seek are staring you in the face
Wasting lives, searching for false idols to embrace

There is no higher power
Just men and their twisted games
Control built on weak personalities
Then abused for financial gain

Fuck your faith

The hands that help are better than the lips that pray
Kind actions are greater than otiose lines in a play
I am your soothsayer.

Is god willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is god both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him god.